We Believe:


XX Founders are uniquely positioned to create the next wave of billion dollar companies


XX Founders have valuable insights into big markets ripe for dispruption


XX Founders are underserved by the existing venture capital community


Mixed Gender teams will outperform companies with  only XY founders



What We Offer:


  • $100k one-time investment

  • Unique insights into markets

  • Deep connections in the startup ecosystem

  • Advice and connections from founders who have raised capital and built companies to scale that want to help other female founders win in their markets

  • Introductions and guidance when seeking future rounds of funding

  • Access to the broader Flybridge portfolio including advice and connections from other Flybridge founders and team members



Our Commitment to Entrepreneurs:


From the first meeting with an XFactor investment team member, we will make an investment decision in less than 3 weeks. 


We will provide thoughtful, continuous advice and guidance.


We will leverage our collective networks to make high value introductions.


 We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in which no member of our startup community is, on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, nationality, or gender identity, discriminated against or ostracized.



Investment Criteria:


  • At least one female founder on the team

  • Billion dollar market opportunity


We'd love to hear from you.