Erica Brescia

san francisco, ca
co-founder & COO, Bitnami

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“I'm (of course) excited to help support amazing women as they build the next generation of $1B+ companies - it is energizing, rewarding, and the right thing to do - but beyond that, X Factor is a fantastic investment opportunity! We have unique value to add to founders, and unique and advantaged deal flow as a result.”


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Areas of Interest for Investing:
B2B SaaS, Health and wellness, open source, infrastructure
Advice for XX Entrepreneurs
1. Listen to your gut. It is almost always right.

2. Hire people with more experience than you, who are experts in areas you are not.

3. Build a great network of advisors (whether formal or informal) and seek advice regularly.

4. When hiring for roles you have never hired for before, meet experts who have excelled in that role and ask them what to look for in a candidate (and for any referrals!)

Erica Brescia is the COO and Co-Founder of Bitnami, the leading provider of packaged applications for any platform, used by millions around the world. In December 2018, Erica was recognized at the Women in Technology Awards as COO of the year. Erica’s leadership in the technology space extends to serving on the board of directors of the Linux Foundation, as well as being an Investment Partner in X Factor Ventures. Erica is also a loving wife and mother to a hilarious and very energetic 6 year old.