Nicole Sanchez

new york, ny
former founder & Ceo, credit hero

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Tech needs more investors who have the insight, thesis, capability, and guts to make the earliest and biggest bets on the next generation of billion dollar businesses led by female entrepreneurs. 


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Fintech, InsureTech, Mobile Messaging, Bots, Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean
Advice for XX Entrepreneurs
Be bold, big, and courageous. 

Create and articulate a bold and big vision. The best founders see a world that does not yet exist, so own and advocate for your vision. 

Surround yourself with the best possible people, build a community of other founders who will have your back and get help when you need it. Be self-aware and build in opportunities to take stock. 

Fearlessness is a myth, but courage is where you’ll win. 

You got this.


Named “One of the Most Powerful Women in NYC Tech” by Refinery 29, Nicole Sanchez is on a mission to ensure the brilliance and scale of tech are leveraged to solve real problems. Co-Founder and CEO of CFSI and JP Morgan backed fintech startup, Credit Hero, Nicole is a graduate of Harvard Business School, Harvard College and a Y Combinator Fellow. She has been named A Mogul Changing The Game" by Marie Claire and has been featured in Fast Company, Essence, Elle, Ebony, and TechCrunch.