Ooshma Garg

san francisco, ca
ceo & co-founder, gobble

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We have structured the most powerful seed fund for any founder and especially for female founders. The league of female CEOs and operators in our partnership is best in class. Every partner is an active founder, investor in the XFactor fund, and personally dedicated to the success of each company in the portfolio. By investing exclusively in disruptive multi-billion dollar opportunities, we are catalyzing today’s female founded startups into the next class of unstoppable, breakout, long term businesses.


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Disruptive approaches to traditional industry, Moonshoot long game ideas, Consumer, SaaS, AI, Agriculture, Food, Fitness, Education, Logistics, Social Good

Advice for XX Entrepreneurs

I believe breakout founders have a GEM DNA made of grit, experimentation, and mission. The most important advice is to have a grit at your core and never give up.

Contrary to popular belief, breakout companies take years to build and almost die numerous times. It’s important to weather the storms and maintain your composure in the ups and the downs of your journey. Constant experimentation is a must! Netflix evolved its service time and time again to both find and keep product/market fit. As the world changes, your stellar product may need to change with it. In my experience, founders who continue to visit and listen to their customers regularly, no matter how big their company grows, are the most successful. Lastly, when people are coming and going, the product is changing, and the world around you is changing, a core mission will be your north star. To build a long term company, not just a current product, is rooted in a mission that unifies your team.

If you can keep going, always be adaptable and listen to your customers, and develop a culture and approach around a singular mission, I believe you’ll be successful.

Ooshma Garg is the Founder and CEO of Gobble. As background, Gobble helps busy professionals cook dinner for their family in just 15 minutes with one pan. Their breakout technology maps each person’s tastes to develop the perfect weekly "food playlist" for their diet preferences. Gobble now delivers freshly-prepped dinner packs to tens of thousands of people daily. Ooshma has raised over $30M in venture funding for Gobble from Silicon Valley titans including Khosla Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz, along with founders and executives from PayPal, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook.

For her innovative work with Gobble, Ooshma was named to Forbes' Top 30 Innovators Under 30 and Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30. Gobble is Ooshma's 3rd business. She successfully sold her first online company in 2010, just a year after graduating with a B.S. in BioMechanical Engineering from Stanford University.