Amanda Bradford

San francisco, ca
Founder and CEO, The League

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The first check is a giant vote of confidence that makes all the difference in the world. I cannot wait to help more women take the leap into entrepreneurship.


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All things mobile and marketplaces, social networks, dating, search tools, and video. B2B - marketing/sales/data/developer tools.
Advice for XX Entrepreneurs
Yes, you'll have to do it backwards and in heels. Yes, you won't know what you are doing and you will often feel outside of your weight class. Yes, other startups will be raising hundreds of millions of dollars while you are struggling to close $1M. Yes, the world is not fair. Keep a low ego, a high work ethic, do your own customer support, get real with your data and take your blinders off, be ruthless with how you invest your time and money, and the rest will fall in place.

Amanda Bradford is the Founder & CEO of The League, a dating app that combines data and social graphs from both Facebook and LinkedIn to offer more privacy (coworkers and connections are blocked), more context (Linkedin information is displayed), and a curated community of ambitious singles who desire an equally driven partner. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with an engineering degree, Amanda worked at both Salesforce and Google in a variety of technical and product roles before attending Stanford Graduate School of business, where the idea for The League was born. The League raised $2.1M in seed funding in January 2015 and to date operates in 37 cities both nationally and internationally and is available on iOS and Android.