Kate Ryder

new york, ny
Founder and CEO, Maven

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Why XFactor?

“As a female entrepreneur, I've seen firsthand the gender imbalance in venture capital and how it puts female entrepreneurs at a disadvantage. I am excited to do my small part to change the ratio, and support visionary women leading bold companies that will make the world a better place - whether it's through the product itself, job creation at an awesome company, or just generally being a role model to aspiring female leaders.”


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Advice for XX Entrepreneurs
Love what you do, have confidence in yourself, and stay the course.. Stay paranoid and never stop asking 1 million questions. Develop great hiring strategies and interview processes early because people are everything.

Katherine Ryder is the founder and CEO of Maven, the digital clinic for women. Maven is a telehealth platform offering instant access to its best-in-class network of women’s and family health providers, with a flagship 15-month maternity management program for employers to help new parents throughout their transition back to work.  

Katherine previously worked as an early stage investor at the venture capital firm Index Ventures, based in London, where she focused on consumer technology, and in particular on investments in the health, education, art, and retail sectors.  

Prior to joining Index, Katherine worked as a journalist, writing for The Economist from Southeast Asia, New York, and London. In 2009, she worked with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, helping him write his memoirs about the U.S. financial crisis.  

Katherine received her B.A. from the Honors College atthe University of Michigan and her MSc from the London School of Economics. Katherine is based in New York City.